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Electronic Dog Party

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Celebrate life, love, dogs & music.

Las Vegas has never seen a party quite like this. EDP is a dog friendly event with EDM (electronic dance music). The venue is Barx Parx, a 21+ indoor dog park facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to the nature of this unique venue, your dogs will be off-leash and free to enjoy the music, mingle with other dogs, interact with people and enjoy the excitement with you. Ticket quantities are very limited and provided through Eventbrite. Curious about how this type of event works with dogs? Keep reading for additional information about the event and venue.

Event Questions

Is this an all ages event?

Barx Parx is a 21 and over venue so humans must be 21 or older to attend this event.

Do I need to bring my dog?

No! You do not need to bring your dog. But you CAN bring your dog. You can specify if you will be bringing your dog when purchasing your ticket.

Do I need to register my dog?

Yes! All attending dogs must register at barxparx.com/register, be spayed/neutered if over 6 months and provide current vaccine records. Barx Parx requires that 30-minute free behavior assessments must be completed for each dog BEFORE January 15, 2020 ensure the safety of all attendees. Some dogs may not like loud music or flashing light effects. If your dog does not appear to be comfortable in this environment, you may be asked to leave. Partial refunds may be offered at the sole discretion of the venue. Full refunds will be issued for any dogs that do not pass the behavior assessment. No refunds will be issued for any dogs that do not complete the entire process before January 15, 2020.Assessment and guidelines are provided by the venue. You can start the registration process by going to http://barxparx.com/register

Will the music be too loud for my dog?

We will spare you the in-depth decibel conversation but dogs ears are sensitive. As such, this event volume will be enjoyable but not excessively loud. If your dog becomes distressed when listening to loud music at home or while riding with you in the car, this may not be the right event to attend with your dog. Even if your dog isn’t a perfect fit, you are welcome to come and pet everyone else’s dogs!

How will I know if my dog is having a good time?

If event staff notices signs that your dog isn’t having a good time, you may be asked to take a break in a quieter area. Event staff are trained in dog behavior and attendees are asked to be respectful of their requests and the rules of the venue. If your dog is clearly not enjoying his/her self due to the volume, lights or crowd, you may be asked to leave. Don’t take it personally, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy a music event with your dog. New experiences have the potential to be overstimulating- remember your first live music event? Partial refunds may be offered at the discretion of the venue. Eventbrite booking fees can not be refunded.

What will the temperature be?

The Barx Parx venue is a completely indoor facility. Regardless of the weather, it will be a cozy 75 – 80 degrees with no wind.

Dress Code

Come as you are! It is acceptable to wear street clothes like jeans and a t-shirt. EDP will involve dancing and being surrounded by people and dogs, so don’t wear anything too heavy, or things with small bits and pieces that might fall and pose a choking hazard for pups. Please ensure that your EDP outfit does not obstruct your vision, you must be able to see dogs in the area. Some outfits may include LED lights which are acceptable but please ensure that you do not bring chemical glow jewelry. Although generally considered non-toxic, glow sticks include a chemical called Dibutyl Phthalate which can cause drooling and vomiting if ingested. Take advantage of the judgment-free environment to let your creative flag fly — wear wacky, brightly colored clothing or even a costume. Angels, fairies, and even cartoon characters. Outfits and costumes sometimes consist of simply a bra-top and short shorts, plus accessories. Non toxic body paint is acceptable.

Are there other rules?

For any specific questions about these rules or other policies, please contact Barx Parx directly or review their website at barxparx.com.

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